Name: Asamoah

Age: 30

Native country: Ghana

Family: Mother dead. Grow up with grandmather. No contacts with the father. 1 sister.

Landing: December 2013 - Lampedusa (Sicily)



I escaped from Ghana because i was risking to be killed

I made a pretty big mistake: one day i secretly entered into an house of a very important family of my city and i've seen a body of a killed person: on the ground there was a lot of blood and couple of human bones.

Unfortunately i got caught by the owners and before letting me go i have been asked for a sacrifice as punishment for what i've done. I should had buy a sheep, a cloak and bringing an amount of money.

I was about to accept their proposal of forgiveness, but my aunt advised me to do not  trust them: all people invited to make this kind of sacrifices never came back home alive.

So i decided to escape far away with a friend of mine, to Libya, because i was so scared. We drove through the desert by car, and it was so hard. The desert could turn into a lethal place.

Once we arrived in Libya i got rubbed of those few things i owned. I found a job as bricklayer, but i got paid just occasionally. I previously used to work as carpenter but at that time, if you want to survive, you cannot make any request of the job you want to do: you must accept everything they offer and you have even to feel lucky.

After 1 yeah and 10 months i was able to gather around 2000 lybian dinars, which was enough to get on the boat and try to restart my life, looking for some serenity.


At the moment i just go around on my bike searching for some clothes in the garbage. We get some stuff at the camp, but in this way i have more choices to wear what i want: you can still find good condition things in the garbage.

Once i got documents i will try to reach my sister in Netherland. She works there, maybe i will also find something to do.

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