Name: Oboy

Age: 22

Native country: Ghana

Family: Father dead. Mother married with another man.

Landing: April 2014 - Lampedusa (Sicily)



I abandoned my country because there wasn't any job opportunity. I had no friends and my mum, after my dad's death, decided to live with another man which i never liked. 

My journey to Libya wasn't easy at all; crossing the desert for several months was a nightmare.

Before arriving in Tripoli i got rubbed of everything i had, including documents.

They dumped me in the jail with no reasons. They have broken a finger of my hand and they used to beat us just randomly.

A friend of mine was killed by a man with a gun, right next to me. That was terrible. At that moment i realized that the only way to survive was to escape, running away. And that's what i've done.

After that, one night i was caught and pushed into the trunk of a big car. They drove me on the boat and after one day of journey i arrived in Lampedusa. But i didn't pay anyone.

Since 1 year i'm waiting documents. Whenever i can i go out from the Mineo camp with my bike and my supermarket cart as trailer, and i visit towns in the neighborhood.

On the garbage dumps there are a lot of usable things i can restore. Today i just found a portable hot-plate for cooking: it's broken but maybe i could fix it.


I know one day i will be free. I don't care where.

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