invisible citizens


This photo-project wants to face the need to inform and let people think about migration issue, which is superficially seen just as a politic and economic problem for Italy and Europe, not even considering how big is the social and cultural potential from which we all could benefit (corrupt politician excluded of course).

The title "Invisible citizens" shouldn't require any particular explanation. This people live in our same towns, but they are abandoned to themselves, alone and ignored. 

Just exactly as invisible persons.


I had this feeling during my last stay in Sicily, and i thought it could be useful to tell about their stories and thoughts to all those which are afraid or shy to approach with migrants, at least to make light of the reasons why they ask for help and what they had to go through to reach our countries.

That's just what i did, by my own. I took my car and i drove around looking for them, and i can assure that listening such stories on tv or reading articles on newspapers is of course tough, but meeting them personally and interacting with these guys is much way different.


I proudly can feel lucky for having a chance to meet them among the streets of my hometown, Caltagirone, in Sicily.

I directly approached some guys while they were rummaging through the garbage dumps, and i also had the opportunity to spontaneously get in a first-welcome accommodation for minors. A place where unfortunately they have to stay for long time, too much, until they receive documents. This make them feel upset and depressed, and this also enhances their feeling to be used by politicians which make easy money thanks to European funding.


Just to be clear: if you want to meet migrants you don't need any authorization, papers, good contacts, politic memberships or being part of some religious community.

Just go ahead.


Attention: the aim of this reportage is not to lift up easy moralistic comments, but rather to let people know stories and thoughts of some migrants which only are asking to be heard and respected as simple persons living a difficult moment of their lives.

They are just wishful of integration, willing for starting life again, not from zero... but even lower.


I preferred to do not comment these stories and pictures.


Feel free to get an opinion by yourself.


*I got permission from involved people of publishing their photos and stories. For legal reasons i'm unfortunately not allowed to show faces of the 3 minors.

invisible citizens - ousman
invisible citizens - yusupha
invisible citizens - mario

invisible citizens - oboy
invisible citizens - stephen
invisible citizens - asamoah

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